Know thy enemy, know thyself

An important part of a strategy game is the ability to analyze and understand how the game plays out. Especially combat needed clarification: even if the representation is quite linear, the internals take into consideration ship scale, weapon scale, ship targeting preferences and more so it's important to give players the instruments to dissect what happened, what will happen and why.

Enter the new alien screen:

Now threats are shown in actual ship composition, but most importantly last combat results are collected, categorized and presented in detail for enabling player to make informed decision using the brand new precise fleet composition feature.


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Love it! Now I can see why the enemy in Andromeda just. won't. die!

btw, the enemy shown under Exterminate don't match the ones I actually encounter. The listed enemies are a lot more powerful than the ones I fight.

I'll check, thanks for the report! They were consistent on the Milky Way but I've probably forgot some galaxy multiplier here and there.