A galaxy of enemies

The basic skeleton on which creating an emergent strategy play is finally in place:

Each galaxy is mapped randomly and populated with randomly generated rivals. The game still doesn't make any difference between one another, beyond tracking their faction territory and generating the ship with the appropriate color and associated shipset.

Of course sectors conquered are taken from the currently selected enemy, and rebelling colonies will take away sectors from you to create their merry empire.

Seceding still brings you in a brand new galaxy, but that'll be part of the mechanics update including also an evolving enemy strength, so that bombing one faction only affect that faction, enemy replenishment, enemy traits (i.e. high tech or swarmer) and even further down the road random events to spice up the gameplay.


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I somehow ran into a bug where the next sector held by an enemy was surrounded by other enemies (i.e., it wasn't right next to mine). Not sure how that happened, but after I took that sector the battle wouldn't end - it just kept popping up different messages (e.g., "you found an artifact"). I had to reload the page.

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thanks for the report! i know how that might have happened, I have not thought of that condition where an enemy could become not adjacent during conquest and thus invalid - can't fix it until tomorrow at the earliest however, sorry. think I found it togheter with another issue on sector loss, should be ok now.


This is great. It's definitely helping me in Andromeda. I can make some progress with one enemy while building up to take on a harder one.

Now Andromeda and later galaxies have has a substantial bonus on research production, that will help both going further and resetting faster since research follows you. As soon as enemy will switch to fixed resources exterminate will become more of an useful tool as well, then special sectors - currently the game is too slow but I'm keeping the current balance because of all the queue of improvements coming.